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Animals (past & present)of Muller's Lane Farm
Bovine (cows) Horses Turkeys
Geese Guinea Fowl Pigs
Other Birds Honeybees Chickens Pea Fowl
Dolly Jersey Milk Cow "Dolly"
Dolly is no longer with us.
More about the cattle at the homestead
More about milk products
Jack & Joe Belgian Draft Horses "Jack" & "Joe"
Pictured is Jack and Joe. They were our horse power at the farm but are now peacefully retired in Indiana. They have been replaced by Buck and Bess, another team of Belgian draft horses. They earn their feed by mowing and raking the 5 acre alfalfa field. Draft horses are gentler on the land than a large, heavy tractor. They're also used for logging and for conditioning the pastures. For winter activities, Paul built a bobsled .
Jack & Joe are no longer with us, but Dotty & Dolly have taken their place. More about our horses and other draft animals
More about horse-drawn farm equipment
Heritage Turkeys Rare Heritage Turkeys
~ Eastern Wild Bronze, Bourbon Red, Narraganset, Royal Palm ~
These turkeys are old, heritage breeds. Some are on the critcal list. We are trying to preserve these old lines before they become lost forever. We currently only raise Eastern Wild Bronze & Narraganset. The Bourbon Red gene remains in our flock. In the spring 2011 a new Bourbon Red tom was hatched by our hens.
More about our turkeys
Animal Menu
Geese Geese ~ African, White Chinese The geese our one of our natural alarm systems.
More about our geese
Animal Menu
Fowl Heritage Chickens ~ Wide assortment including New Hampshire Reds, Barred & White Rocks, Buff Orphington, Light Brahma, Americauna, Brown Leghorn, Red and Black Sexlinks (and the infamous 'Houdini bunny chicken!)
More about our Chickens
Learn about Chicken Care

Animal Menu
Honeybees Bzzzzz Honey Bees ~ Caucasian & sMRT hybrids
We have two hives going into the winter 2005/2006. Both are winterized and well stocked with honey. We were not able to extract any honey for our own usage due to the draught and catching a late swarm.
Learn more about beekeeping
Animal Menu
Guinea Fowl Guinea Fowl. We started with only 2, they multiply faster than rabbits! We plan on getting white guineas to go with the pearl we currently have.
Animal Menu
Pigs Hogs
Tired of tasteless pork? Let us raise your next hog. We do not use growth hormones. They are not filled with antibiotics and other drugs. They do get the extra milk, whey, eggs and garden produce. It has been said that pigs with dirt on their noses are contented pigs. Pigs with dirt up to their eyes are happy. Our pigs usually have dirt over their ears (they got cleaned up for their picture)!! They are truly totally blissful!
More about our Pigs
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Pea Fowl Pea Fowl
Our newest bird breed is the Pea Fowl. We were given a pair of pea fowl November 2004. We plan to offer fertile eggs the spring of 2005
More about our Pea Fowl
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