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The Cattle at Muller's Lane Farm
Cora * 2006 Calf
Dolly Dexter bull Jersey X Dexter calf Holstein calf
Milking Devon Ox Angus cross calves Daisy Clara Belle
Cora, July 25, 2006 Cora was born about 5:00 AM July 13, 2006. Dolly and heifer did great!
Cora, July 25, 2006 She is a beautiful little girl! Daughter Laura named her "Cora" after the Spanish work corazon.
Cora, July 25, 2006 At almost 3 weeks old, Cora is very curious about new things. After 2 pictures, she just had to investigate that flashing little box!
Dolly September 2002 The lady that started it all, Dolly. She is a Jersey milk cow. She came to our farm September 28, 2002 - you might say she was our wedding gift to each other since we were married at the courthouse the previous day. Click here for the full story of how we prayed for a cow and got one! It was featured in the July 2003 issue of Country Extra.
Milking April 2004 Milking time! Maverick, an Australian Shepard/Blue Heeler cross, patiently waits his turn.
Milking April 2004 Maverick has gotten quite adept at drinking on the fly!
Calf 09-10-04 The first calf born at Muller's Lane Farm.
More pictures of calf
Dolly and Luke December 2003 The short guy on the left is Luke, a dun Dexter bull with whom we bred to Dolly. Our vet was out to the farm in mid-March 2004 and confirmed she is around 4 months pregnant. Yippee!!
Luke December 2003 Another picture of Luke. He is not our bull but one we rented for 6 weeks. A cows heat cycle averages 21 days and we wanted to be sure we could catch Dolly in at least 2 cycles. With the crossing of the Jersey to a Dexter, we are hoping for an offspring that continues the milky characteristics of the Jersey, the coloring of the Jersey and the shorter stature of the Dexter. Be watching in September 2004, we will probably dedicate a full page to the calf.
Bynx December 2003 This is Bynx, he is a Holstein steer. We got him from a local dairy. Bull calves on a dairy serve no purpose and they are quickly sent to a sale barn. Paul traded some work around the dairy for Bynx. He came to us just a few days olds. Even though Bynx is headed for the freezer, while he is living at the farm, he receives a name and plenty of love.
The dairy we got Bynx from did not adequately band him. He ended up being half bull. By May 2004, Bynx was exhibiting more and more bullish tendencies and the decision was made to send him in for processing. Happy steers make yummy meat!
Able March 2004 Able is the newest addition to the farm. He is a 15 year old Milking Devon. Nancy and Paul from Crooked Acres Farm didn't have a need for a Milking Devon Ox and gave him to us January 2004. Ox are generally driven as a team, Able lost his partner a few years ago and was retrained to work as a single. He will be used to snake logs and pull the stone boat. Able is also a big asset for our farm tours because you just don't see his breed very often. The Milking Devon breed is a very rare breed on the Critical List with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy . The rating of "Critical" means there are fewer than 200 North American registrations and estimated fewer than 2000 global population.
Able & Bynx March 2004 Able is 15 years old and about 1,800 pounds. Bynx is about 9 months old and maybe 700 pounds.
Bovine April 2004 Paul and his buddies. (Take note of the headgate behind Dolly.)
ABle April 2004 A man and his ox. (Take note on the breadth of Able's horns.) April 17, 2004
Able April 2004 Able, a Milking Devon Ox. April 17, 2004
Able April 2004 Remember the headgate I asked you to take note of earlier?? Yes, that is Able with his head through the headgate. He knows how to manipulate his head to fit his horns through.
Angus cross This week old Angus cross calf is "Stuart Little Lewis" or Lewis for short. As of 05/21/04 he is scouring and we are having to tube him electrolytes.
Angus cross Dolly, the Jersey milk cow has adopted the calves. This is Lewis.
Angus cross Lewis is lying in front of Dolly, the calf behind her is named, "Clark".
Daisy We bought Daisy the summer of 2004. She has grown into a beautiful heifer who is a "Love Junkie". She would crawl into your pocket, if she was able!
Clara Belle Clara Belle is the newest cow to join the herd. She is a registered Jersey, about 2 years old. She freshened for the first time January 2005. We should be taking delivery on her sometime in March 2005.

Clara Belle has been sold to Oak Wyse Farms

Jersey4 This space is saved for new Jersey #4. Took delivery April 8, 2005.
Jersey5 This space is saved for new Jersey #5. Took delivery April 8, 2005.




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