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Connie Henrie

I always like to know a little about the person whose website I am looking through, so here is a bit about me. My name is Connie Henrie and I live in Rural Southern Alberta near Cardston. I have been married to my husband for 26 years and we have seven beautiful children. In my efforts to provide better things for our family I started making soap. I'm now addicted and have enough soap that we won't have to buy any ever (not really, or else why would I have to make more). I went to visit Tina at Majestic Mountain Sage and she showed me how to make lotions. If I thought soap was great I found something even better with lotions. I love creating new things and now had another new avenue to pursue.

I have had an interest in herbs for almost 20 years, and have been making ointments and herbal tinctures for almost 15 years. I grow my own herbs or am able to pick them on Native Pasture less than a mile from my home. We also have family that live in the mountains so I am also able to pick herbs there. I love to include Herbs in my soap and lotions as well. I don't really have a business. I give away most of what I make. If you know me and have a birthday, baby, get married or need a gift you get something I've made.

I often have people come back and want to buy some. I try to sell enough so that I can buy more supplies. I have done a couple of craft fairs, and taught a few classes. I know that I could do more, but at this point in my life my family is my priority. I enjoy being on various internet lists and often get asked questions about something I make. I am happy to share recipes, but it takes me a lot of time which I often don't have. I decided to have a website that friends could refer to, or that I could direct questions to.





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