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April 30, 2005

Here's the plan ...

100% Olive Oil (32 oz) with full MMS lye calculator recommend amount of liquid (12 oz)

Into 6-qrt Crock Pot goes the Olive Oil

Mix up the frozen milk with lye and immediately add to crock pot while the lye solution is still cold & see what happens.

I've not gone over to the hot side yet using full milk, but dang it, just got to try it once!!

I figure since I get light colored CP & CPOP milk soaps and I always ensure a full gel that if I incorporate the lye solution while it's still cold, I may luck out.

The Olive Oil won't be hot, just warm in the crockpot, maybe I won't turn the crock pot on until after I added my lye solution.

April 30, 2005

6:55 AM started weighing oils, poured into crock pot. Weighed fresh, frozen Jersey milk and lye. Incorporated lye into frozen milk.

7:05 AM poured milk/lye solution into warmed OO in Crock Pot

It came to an immediate trace.

7:08 AM turned Crock Pot on high

7:15 put away all supplies ... waiting

7:17 still waiting ... took temp. It's 88* F

7:21 92* F This going to take forever!!! Thinking about putting it in oven at 200*F.

7:29 AM I think there are the first signs of "apple sauce??

so I stirred it

7:36 AM 120*F

7:40 AM put lid on Crock Pot

7:43 AM started skimming cream off milk for butter and getting ready to make cheese

7:49 AM 128*F mixture is stiff, minor separation (?) around edges. stirred a bit,

8:03 AM

stirred a bit more, then ....

definite separation!! Stick blended it.

(I think if I would have stirred more before I got to this point, I would have been able to keep it a lighter color)

8:07 AM 175* F (should be seeing some sort of gel at this temp in CP ... set culture for cheese.

8:28 AM All light and fluffy. Falls off whisk easily. 198*F

8:32 AM tested and no zap. put into molds and

Around noon-ish I took it out of the mold. Pretty soft. Maybe I didn't cook it enough??? Set it on drying racks.

Just checked it and it's pretty firm. Not as firm as when I take my 100% Olive Oil soaps out of mold doing DWCP (discounted water cold process). It is a wheat color, darker than my DWCP soaps, but not bad. It has a light caramel scent, not unpleasant, but my folks wanting a non-scented soap probably wouldn't approve.

The soap did finally harden up as much as my DWCP soaps, but it took nearly 3 months! The light carmel scent can still be smelled. The final color is still wheat.




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