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Hand Forged Items

All items on this page are individually hand forged by Paul L Muller on the forge he built at the farm. Each item is unique in it's own right.

We apologize for any price increases. We absorbed the cost of steel when the price doubled, however it is now four times the price of what it was in 2021.


Shipping is calculated for for U.S. addresses. Additional shipping costs will occur for addresses outside U.S.

Muller Pick is a unique tool for hoof care. This will be the LAST hoof pick you will ever buy! The Muller Pick 's dual head design handily scoops away mud, impacted dirt and even ice balls using one side of the pick and pries out the toughest stone with the other side. The Muller Pick is made from used horseshoes so it is rough, resilient and long-lasting. Each pick is individually hand forged. The twisted handle gives a secure grip. The Muller Pick has weight and balance for less fatigue while picking your horse's feet.

Buy two, the Muller Pick makes a wonderful gift for the horseman who has everything!

Folding Handle Fry Pan
Completely hand made in a 18th century fashion
Carbine Snap
Carbine Snap with bit
Federal Picket Pin
CSA Picket Pin
USA Picket Pin - shaped
(more historically correct)

25' Lariat
3 Strand Manila
Looped and Whipped

Loose Ring Trooper Bit
Plain Trooper Bit


Forged Screwdriver

Raised Heart Trivet Based on antique trivet.

Custom Trivet

Contact Paul
Door Latch Each latch is unique >

Fancy Cheese Cutter For the cheese lover who has everything. Perfect for the holiday cheese basket gifts! No two are alike.

Leaf Hooks Delicate hooks to hang a variety of items. Wonderful in the kitchen for towels, or display hand dipped candles!

Hanging Oil Lamp
A beautiful way to hang your oil lamp. Does NOT include lamp or shade.


Herb Hanger Unique way to dry your herb harvest or display your hand dipped candles.


Coffee Pot Pourer
$85.00 Coffee Pot not included
Lid Lifter This is a handy item for lifting the lid on a dutch oven without burning your fingers. Choose from Leaf Handle, Serpent's Tail or Basket Weave.

Leaf Handle Lid Lifter

Basket Weave Lid Lifter
Serpent's Tail Lid Lifter
An artistic leaf decorates the handle. Choose from Leaf Handle, Serpent's Tail or Basket Weave.

Close up of 'business end'.
PLEASE NOTE: New lid lifters do not have the 'feet'.
Pot Hanger

Tired of trying to balance your bale on a single "S" hook? This handy device allows a more secure & balanced way to hang your pots!
Trammel Hooks

Multi-Level Temperture control in one handy item! The trammel hook offers a variety of heights to control the temperature of your coooking.
Fire Poker

Leaf Handle Fire Poker

Basket Weave Fire Poker

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At Muller's Lane Farm we strive to give you the highest quality products and services.

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