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I have gardened for as long as I remember. Some of my earliest memories are playing in the garden dirt while my parents where planting or weeding. The mystery of planting something so small and being able to watch it grow is simply fascinating. Gardening is a constant reminder to me that God is always watching over us. He gives so much thought and attention to the growth of a simple seed, I know that my family is cared for just as much!

I have started seedlings in the past without much success. This year I am trying a simple cold frame for the seedlings. The thought is to be able to start our own plants that we will need and to sell the extra plants at the local Farmerís Market.

I hope to keep this page updated throughout this growing year. Check back and be sure to refresh your page!

Cold Frame The cold frame is a simple construction of bales of straw and old patio windows. The inside is lined with black plastic to help capture and retain some heat. It is situated on the south side of the house. We set up the cold frame April 3, 2004.
These two trays were started in the house about March 20, 2004 and transferred to the cold frame. The seedlings were tall enough to be bumping the clear tops so the tops were removed and placed up-side-down to hold water in the cold frame. Cold Frame
Cold Frame This is a closer picture of the first two trays. The seedlings are about 3 weeks old. The tomatoes (lower right) have their first true leaves. Each tray takes about a pint of water each day because of loss of evaporation.
Four other trays are situated in this cold frame. The germination rate isn't as good. We have had a couple nights where the temperatures have slipped back into the 20's and highs have only been in the high thirties. Cold Frame
Just planted Garden #1 just planted. Herbs on south and east side, cauliflower, broccoli, various peppers and tomatoes.




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