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Muller Family Greetings from Paul and Cyndi Muller and our family, the stewards of this piece of paradise on earth. We have dreamed of owning our own land, keeping livestock and striving for a semi-self sufficient lifestyle since the late 1970's.

On April 8, 2002 our dreams became reality when we purchased 10.8 acres of God's country in NW Illinois. Together with the children, we have been steadily rebuilding this old farm back to a time when it helped sustain the family that lived here.

We are becoming less reliant on large scale farming and the manipulation of foodstuffs that are part and parcel of corporate farming. We are striving to utilize these 10.8 acres to provide for the majority of our food as well as providing a small income.

We endeavor to keep the old heritage animals alive and well to be enjoyed for generations to come. Likewise we do our best to continue practicing the daily chores and home arts much like our ancestors did 100 years ago.

The products produced on our homestead, either from the animals or from ourselves, are labors of love. A bit of ourselves goes into every aspect of our products. We offer our merchandise proudly.

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At Muller's Lane Farm we strive to give you the highest quality products and services.

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