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Adventures in Raising Chicks ~ a pictorial

Poultry of Muller's Lane Farm
Member of

Society for Preservation of Poultry Antiquities
Member of The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

The ALBC is a nonprofit membership organization working to protect nearly 100 breeds of cattle, goats, horses, asses, sheep, swine and poultry from extinction.

Heritage Turkeys Heritage Turkeys
~ From left to right, Black Spanish hen, Eastern Wild Bronze tom, Black Spanish tom, Blue Slate tom. ~
These turkeys are old, heritage breeds. Some are on the critcal list. We are trying to preserve these old lines before they become lost forever.
Bourbon Red Turkeys, a hen on the left and two toms on the right. In the background is an Eastern Wild Bronze hen. Bourbon Red Turkeys
More Heritage Fowl Turkeys ~ the far right and left are Black Spanish toms. In the foreground (l-r) Blue Slate tom and Bourbon Red tom. Directly behind the Bourbon tom is a Bourbon hen. In the background between the geese and the guinea fowl is a Black Spanish hen.
Geese ~ Shown are White Chinese in front and African/Toulouse cross in background
March 6, 2004 We put about a dozen goose eggs in the incubator.
April 4, 2004 - we had 3 goslings hatch.
The geese also have a nest of their own.
Fowl Chickens ~ Shown are a Speckled Sussex in foreground and Buff Orpington in background. In the foreground on the right is the Eastern Wild Bronze hen. In the background, the infamous 'Houdini bunny' chicken
Guinea Fowl. We started with only 2, they multiply faster than rabbits! We plan on getting white and lavender guineas to go with the pearl we currently have. Guinea Fowl
Lambert A very colorful Rooster
De Colores!
Barred Rock Rooster Barney




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