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Blacksmithing was once a critical part of any town or village that intended to grow or prosper. The “smith” was in demand for all manor of manufacture and repair of everything from mending a pot handle to repointing and sharpening a plow. From making sturdy log chains to fine decorative iron work on the front gate.
Nowadays, in our world of mass production and ‘disposable wares’, repairing of broken steel objects may not be cost efficient. Electric or gas welding has replaced the coal forge and anvil in shops, factories and businesses. Those once common tools have been displaced to scrap yards and dark corners All too often I’ve seen nice old riveter (or farrier) forge in yards as flower planters or rusting in an out building of an abandoned farm.

Here at Muller’s Lane Farm, we have a very typical smithy that we use for all sorts of repair or manufacture of items needed about the farm. Door handles, gate hooks, chain links, tools and utensils are made here
A lot of once necessary skills, like blacksmithing, are experiencing a resurgence of interest by those who want to learn this craft for decorative creations and historic demonstration.We offer smithing demonstrations as part of the farm tour, if requested, or guests can schedule to have class sessions on basic blacksmithing. We like to encourage folks to let us customize a workshop to meet your particular interests or needs.

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  Some of the items available for purchase


Gate Hooks & Hitching Rings


Hanging Oil Lamp


Cooking Utensils


  Blacksmith Class

  Mike's Blacksmith Shop

  Peter Wright Anvil




  At Muller's Lane Farm we strive to give you the highest quality products and services.

Rock Falls IL
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