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Milk & Cream Soaps

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Pamper yourself with luxurious soaps, and lotions from Muller's Lane. Made using the finest, freshest ingredients avaiable. The milk & cream used in our soap line comes a local Jersey dairy.

Soap and Detergent are NOT the same! Check the label on your store-bought 'soap'. If it calls itself anything other than SOAP, you are using detergent. Check the ingredients label. If you see ingredients such as "Sodium Laurel Sulfate" you are using a soap product that is mixed with artificial chemical detergents.

Detergents DO clean and do have their place in our households. The main purpose of a detergent is to strip away oil and dirt. Good for your laundry or your dishes, not so good for your skin.

I have been making cold process homemade soap since 1999. You can be assured the soaps you purchase from Muller's Lane Farm are made with tested methods utilizing the best oils for your skin.

You may see other homemade soap websites that will claim that soaps made with lard or tallow are inferior because these ingredients cost less. This is NOT so! In one blind test after another that I have conducted over 3 years (with people of various ages and races) has consistantly shown that soaps created with lard or tallow rated much higher than their vegetable counterpart for being less drying and kinder to the skin. Woman of color noticed less ash when using soaps that contain lard. I do not believe in bashing anothers person soap because it is different than mine. My high percentage of repeat customers speak well for the soap formulas of Muller's Lane Farm. Some of my soaps are created with an all vegetable oil base, such as the Castile and Neem Castile.

Listing of ingredients used in soaps, lotions and other sundries made at Muller's Lane Farm

Milk is a natural source of Alpha-Hydroxy. Because of the gentleness of raw milk, frequent washing with milk soap can remove excess oil and bacteria while maintaining a healthy level of skin moisture. Combine the fresh milk and cream with luxurious skin pampering oils for a lavish experience.

Muller's Lane Soaps are good for all skin types.

Each bar is at least 4 ounces
starting at $7.00

Shipping costs will be adjusted and refunded!

Order Milk Soaps with no added fragrance:


Order Fragrant Milk Soaps:


Order Essential Oil Milk Soaps


Soap by the Log

Muller's Lane LOG Soaps used the same recipe as our bar soaps.

One pound logs: $25

Two pound logs: $45

Three pound logs: $60

Log soaps are made to order.

Order 1 LB Milk Soap Log:


Order 2 LB Milk Soap Log:


Order 3 LB Milk SoapLog:


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At Muller's Lane Farm we strive to give you the highest quality products and services.

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