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The Spinning Page
Work in progress: ideas to include:

Wheels, raw fiber, single, plied, dyes, patterns.

Monthly Fiber Guild at Muller's Lane Farm

Build your own Picker

i Links I don't want to loose:

The Joy of Hand Spinning

I Can Spin! for spindlers

Interweave Press Links Interweave Press ~ Wonderful Fiber Related Magazines

Interweave Press - Getting started spinning

Spinning Basics

What Shepherds need to know about producing fleeces for handspinners:

Wool by Breeds:

Preparing Raw Fleece

Washing Fleece:
Wool Washing with pictures!
Fuzzy Galore Wool Washing
Icelandic Sheep World Washing Fleece

KOOL-AID Color Chart

More about sheep breeds and their wool (micron count, etc)



Socks for beginners - a wonderful tutorial

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The Yarn Exchange

Spring Beauty Farm

Spring Beauty Farm

Fiber and Supplies


The Art of Spinning
Karen Poulakos Fiber Arts Studio

The Art of Spinning
Spinning producst and Tutorials

(217) 787-6589

Fiber Festivals


Fiber in the Park

Spring Beauty Farm

September 19, 2009 9:00AM - 4:00PM
4165 East 16th Road, Earlville, IL

13th Annual Stephensen County Fibre Arts Fair

Saturday, April 18, 2009
9 am to 5 pm Jane Addams Community Center
430 W. Washington Street
Cedarville, Illinois USA
(815) 541-0897

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