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Turkeys of Muller's Lane Farm

We have started concentrating on Eastern Wild and Narraganset breeds.
2004 Poults

2004 Blue Slate & Royal Palm

Breeders for 2005
Blue Slate Tom
1 year old Blue Slate Tom. March 2004
Bourbon Red Tom
1 year old Bourbon Red Tom. March 2004
More Heritage Fowl
Turkeys ~ the far right and left are Black Spanish toms. In the foreground (l-r) Blue Slate tom and Bourbon Red tom. Directly behind the Bourbon tom is a Bourbon hen. In the background between the geese and the guinea fowl is a Black Spanish hen.
Heritage Turkeys
~ From left to right, Black Spanish hen, Eastern Wild Bronze tom, Black Spanish tom, Blue Slate tom. ~
These turkeys are old, heritage breeds. Some are on the critcal list. We are trying to preserve these old lines before they become lost forever.
Bourbon Red Turkeys
Bourbon Red Turkeys, a hen on the left and two toms on the right. In the background is an Eastern Wild Bronze hen.
Setting Hen
Black Spanish hen sitting on a mixed nest of turkey, guinea and chicken eggs behind the milking stanchion. She has been a very dedicated mother. These should hatch after the turkey eggs in the incubator have hatched.
Bourbon Red Hen
Bourbon Red hen sitting on a nest in the barn. She has had Pearl Guineas and Light Brahmas try to share her nest.
2004 Poults!
Poults 04-18-04
The first poults to hatch at Muller's Lane Farm via incubataor. Welcome to the world little roundheads!
Poults 04-18-04
Less than 12 hours old.
Poults 04-18-04
Poults 04-18-04
Three day old poults.
 3 days old. Poults 04-21-04
Poults 04-21-04
 Royal Palm Poults
Royal Palm Poults. May 16, 2004
 Slate poult
Slate Poult. May 19, 2004
Poults 04-21-04
Another Slate Poult. May 19, 2004
August 2, 2004
Blue Slates and Royal Palms
 Poults 2004  Poults 2004
 Poults 2004  Poults 2004
 Poults 2004
A fine young blue slate jake
 Poults 2004
The hen on the left is a "self-blue" slate. She is lighter in color than her brothers and has no black dots or splashes.
 Poults 2004
Looking at me looking at you!
 Poults 2004
Another shot of the self-blue hen.
August 2, 2004
Blue Slates and Royal Palms
 Poults 2004  Poults 2004
November, 2004
Toms and a few hens that are breeders for 2005
Narraganset tom, Blue Slate tom, Eastern Wild tom

Narraganset tom

Narraganset tom, Eastern Wild tom

Royal Palm hen, Eastern Wild tom

Narraganset hen

Pair of Narraganset hen




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