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Dolly & Family 09-2002 Our family cow is a Jersey, lovingly named "Dolly" after Paul's mother (with her delighted permission!). We acquired Dolly September 28, 2002 from a neighboring Mennonite farmer. We kid each other that it is easy to remember the day we were married because we got Dolly the day after and we won't forget that date! The story of how we acquired Dolly was published in the July 2003 issue of Country Extra. We received our copy of the magazine the day we renewed our marriage vows at our farm. It seems Dolly and the Muller family are meant to be!

She has been exposed to a dun Dexter bull and we will hopefully have a beautiful dun Jersey/Dexter calf next summer. Dolly's offspring will become part of our dairy herd, sold to other homesteaders wanting a small cow or used as freezer beef.

UPDATE! Dolly gave birth to a dark brown bull calf September 10, 2004. Pictures of the calf


We enjoy fresh milk from Dolly daily. By letting the milk sit for 12-24 hours, the thick, rich cream rises to the top. We do have a large, floor model DeLaval cream separator, but it is too much for only one cow. The fresh whole cream is wonderful in baking, cooking, ice cream, butter and we don’t forget our coffee!

Be sure to check out our web page on Cheesemaking . Store bought milk and cream can be used in these recipes.


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