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Putting up the Harvest - A Pictorial

Fundamental supply of canning jars. I prefer to use the wide mouth variety for ease of use. A case of canning jars comes comlete with dome lids and bands.
This is a box of domed lids. They are part of the "two-piece lid". The domed lid is not reusable.
This is what the domed lids look like.
A box of screw bands and lids. This is the complete set of the "two-piece lid". The screw bands (or bands) are reusable year after year as long as they are not rusty. Be sure to wash bands with soapy water and dry well after removing them from your jars.
This is what the screw bands look like.
One of the authoratative books on canning, Balls Blue Book
My other tried and true resource for canning, Better Homes & Gardens Home Canning and Freezing
Tools of the trade. White 5% Vinegar, Pickling Salt, Magnetic Lid Lifter, Wide Mouth Funnel, Jar Lifter.
Ingredients for Bread & Butter Pickles;
Pickling Lime, an essential ingredient in my kitchen for crisp pickles.
Four to six inch cucumbers ready to be washed.
Washed cucumbers in lime solution. Cucumbers stay in solution 12-24 hours before making pickles. The cucumbers are washed and rinsed well when they come out of the lime solution.
Slice cucumbers, onions and salt ready for an ice pack before being made into Bread & Butter pickles.
Hot wide mouth canning jar with wide mouth funnel, waiting to be filled.
Removing the air from the filled jar.
Out of the canner they come!
Jars cooling on counter.
PING! Another jar seals!
Waiting to be eaten.
Pretty as well as tasty!

Visit the Canning page for recipes.





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