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Geese of Muller's Lane Farm
Geese ~ Shown are White Chinese in front and African/Toulouse cross in background
March 6, 2004 We put about a dozen goose eggs in the incubator.
April 4, 2004 - we had 3 goslings hatch.
The geese also have a nest of their own.
Patiently waiting for the first hatch of 2004. The white incubator is new this year and made from styrofoam. The round incubator is made of metal and dates back to the 70's. We replaced the heat wafer last year. There are chicken eggs in the round incubator and goose eggs in the square incubator.
Yin & Yang
The 2004 incubated gosling hatch. Three were hatched April 4 but one didn't make it. They are just a couple days old in this photo. We named them Yin & Yang.
Yin & Yang
Another shot of Yin & Yang in the brooder.
Yin & Yang
One more of Yin & Yang.
April 18, 2004: Zoulou still sitting on her nest in the chicken coop.
Yin & Yang
Yin & Yang have bonded with human legs....
Yin & Yang
...and feet.
Yin & Yang
April 19,2004 Yin & Yang inviting themselves inside the house....
Yin & Yang
...and into the kitchen!
Yin & Yang
Laura, our "Mother Goose"
Yin & Yang
Laura and her goslings.
African Gander

Our newest goose, an African Gander. He is sightless in his left eye.




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