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Draft Animals


Jack & Joe Belgian Draft Horses
Jack and Joe are Belgian Draft Horses. Their job on the farm is to mow and rake the alfalfa hay field. They are also hitched to the manure spreader to fertilize the hay field and pastures. We use Jack and Joe on the old farm wagon and when there is snow on the ground, they are hitched to the bobsled!
2 Belgians and a Mule
Draft teams do not 'pull' a load, rather they 'push' it. How can this be, you ask, if the draft animals are in front of the vehicle? Draft animals lean into their collars or yoke, pushing against it. The power from this pushing is transferred through the harness or chains to the vehicle.
Festus, the mule
Mules are also used as draft animals. The mule is a cross between a Jack (a male donkey) and a mare (a female horse). A cross between a Jenny (a female donkey) and a stallion (a male horse) is called a Hinny. Hinnies are not as common as Mules.
Gus, the Quarter Horse
Gus (on the left) is our registered dun Quarter Horse. Quarter horses are a very versatile animal on a homestead. He can be used not only to ride, but can pull a light buggy. Gus still needs to be schooled as a buggy horse.
Handsome Jack

Horse drawn farm implements

"The Bronze Shadow" (aka Gus)

Registered American Quarter Horse

Gus is for sale

Gus Gus
Gus Gus
Gus Gus


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