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Manure Spreader 4-A
circa 1930
Paul restored a 1930 circa McCormick-Deering All-Steel Manure Spreader model 4-A. The specs for the paint were found at Wisconsin Historical Society, featuring the International Harvester†Paint Committee Decisions from 1924-1957. The decision for the 1927 paint scheme and the 1932 4-A paint scheme both employ the Red, White and Blue Color Scheme.

A parts spreader Paul found full of dirt acting as a planter at a farm not too farm from our own farm. The owner wanted to get rid of it and was willing to take $100 for it. (Paul offered not to charge them for digging out all the dirt and hauling it away for them.) All agreed that 4 rare breed hens and a rooster plus 2 muscovy ducks was a fair trade all around.


Paulís old spreader he brought from Colorado to Illinois. This model has rubber tires. The gear housing and casting inside broke while spreading manure. This gear housing is what moves the mechanism inside the box pushing the manure to the back of the box and flinging it over the field.

Here, we just removed the rear axle to replace with the steel wheeled axle from the parts spreader.


Paulís spreader fully reassembled with the steel wheels. Cyndiís research provided the correct color scheme and Paul used IH red, Rustoleum Royal Blue and Rustoleum Almond. (see above for links to the specs)


Happiness is a restored spreader. Photo was taken just before the McCormick-Deering lettering was added.


Returning from the first test load (it works great!)
Oh My Gosh!! My wheels are dirty!!


Rear view of the 4A spreader. Paul is proud of his work but this is one implement he wonít stand behind!!





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