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Pigs of Muller's Lane Farm

We generally raise about 9 pigs a year, 3 for ourselves for the freezer and the remainder for family members and friends who enjoy the taste of fresh pork but don't have a place to raise a pig for themselves.

Pigs are quite easy to raise. Make sure they have a well-fenced area, plenty of food and fresh water. A place for shade in the summer (light skinned pigs sunburn easily) and a house filled with straw for the winter.

Pigs are social creatures so you should raise at least 2 together. If you are fortunate to own a milk cow or dairy goats, your pigs are sure to love you! They learn to recognize the milk bucket and will squeal and roar until they get their fair share. Our pigs also get garden refuse during the summer months.

2007 Berkshire Piglets

It's not every day that Paul is wrong, but boy are we glad he was this time!

We got Ms Piggie, a purebred Berkshire, the spring of 2006. Late winter of 2007, we introduced her to 'Kermit', also a purebred Berk. Kermit was with us until July 2007.

Ms Piggie & Kermit July 15, 2007

We were quite disappointed that Ms Piggie showed no signs of pregnancy during that time.

The last week of September, Ms Piggie started bagging up. We moved her into a large stall the barn with 3 bales of straw. Ms Piggie knew what to do! She started pawing the straw to make a bed. This is known as 'nesting'.

Cyndi spent a good amount of time with Ms Piggie Saturday evening (9/29/07. She just knew there would be piglets in the morning.

Pigs of 2004

We got these pigs as weanlings in January, 2004.

Pig, Februray 2004.
1st batch 2004
More pigs, Februray 2004
Pig House
They started out in a straw filled horse stall in the barn. Within a month's time, they were large enough to be moved out of the barn and into their wnter quarters. This is one of the vegetable gardens. We had corn and squash planted here in 2003. The piglets enjoyed learning to root around looking for left over kernels of corn. The pig house is protected from wind and is stuffed full of straw.
February 2004. They proved to be too smart for the garden fence. Into the regular pig pen they go. We will be moving the pig pen location after this batch. This current pig pen will then be filled back in with top soil and reseeded.
The sign of a happy pig is have dirt up to your eyeballs.
I think it is safe to say we have some happy pigs!

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