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Dry Rendering Tallow & Lard
chopped suet Suet, the hard, white fat that surrounds the internal organs will produce the hardest, whitest tallow for soap making.

Pictured is suet cut into chunks that has already started melting.

I prefer using a large pan without a lid. You will want to keep your oven temperature low, about 150-200 degrees F (65-93 degrees Celsius).

Melting Tallow Check your suet/tallow ever 20-30 minutes. Scoop out your oil into a heat-safe container. I like using wide mouth canning jars.
Filtering When filtering your rendered oil into the container, you may have to wait if you are using a tightly woven material. Pictured are coffee filters. I have two jars being filled to help speed the process.
Rendering To speed up the rendering process, I use an old potato masher to pulverize the suet.
You can also use a plain paper towel as a strainer.
crackling This is what is left of the suet, cracklings. I could render this a bit further. Instead, I use a potato ricer to squeeze out the extra oil from the cracklings.
Jars of Tallow Jars of tallow
Tallow The tallow is finished.




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