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Blacksmithing Class

Paul changes into his "Smithy Hat". He is teaching the basics of drawing out round stock to a point to a student.



The workbench in the foreground shows a few of the punches, chisels and hardy tools used to shape steel. Paul makes most of his own tools.



Pumping up the forge. This forge is homemade using second hand materials from the junkyard.



Frank get his hands dirty as he takes a turn at the forge.



Blacksmithing is the perfect hobby for boys of all ages, as it has all the critical elements (smoke, fire, dirt, noise and pounding on things!.



See ... pounding on things!.



Frank takes aim.



Men at work . . . . play . . . . no, WORK!



Makes me want to sing, "If I had a hammer ...."



Paul shows "Welding Heat". Frank will be hammer welding before long.





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