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Butter Pictorial
butter A gallon jar of milk and cream. The jar has been left alone for 24 hours and the cream has risen to the top of the jar. It is not so obvious in the picture, but in real life the yellowish thick cream is very distinctive from the bluish-white thin milk.
butter Using a 4 oz ladle, skim cream from the milk.
butter Cream in bowl and milk left in gallon jar.
butter We store the milk in another glass container that has a spigot at the bottom. This allows any cream left in the milk to rise to the top and we get skimmed milk from the bottom. These types of jars are commonly found in the summer season and sold as 'tea jars'.
butter Cream has been placed in the Daizy churn and left for a few hours or overnight to warm to around 55�-65� F. We have started churning and you can see the frothy whipped cream on the paddles.
butter Paul's between the knees technique for churning butter.
butter It's Butter! There is no doubt in your mind when the butter comes. One minute you are happily churning and the very next second CLUNK! you have a mass of yellow butter.
butter We use the strainer at the top of the Daizy churn to pour out the butter milk. This batch of buttermilk went into the pig's bucket. You can also use a couple tablespoons of store-bought cultured buttermilk to culture your own buttermilk.
butter Paul is beginning to paddle the butter to extract the excess buttermilk caught in the butter. He is using a wooden bowl and wooden paddle.
butter Time to wash the butter. It is essential to remove the buttermilk left in the butter so the butter will not sour. You can see how the water clouds up. Paul continues to paddle and knead the butter under the running water.
butter Almost done! The water in the bowl is clear as Paul kneads the butter.
butter A bit more paddling to remove the extra water in the butter. Water in the butter will not sour it but it sure makes for soggy toast. This is the time we generally add the salt if making salted butter.
butter Placing the butter into half-pound molds.
butter Unmolded Butter.
butter Removing butter from mold.
butter Wrapping the butter in plastic wrap before wrapping it in freezer paper, dating it and placing it in the freezer.




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